May 1, 2007
Volume 1, Issue 1
Menda Success
Below is a recent letter received from a Menda Distributor from their customer Oki Data…
“I would like to thank you for getting us involved with Menda vacuums and filters. Since we have switched over to the Menda vacuums and filters we have decreased our down time from approx. 20% to 0% in our Color Dept. and Remanufacture Dept. In our vacuum areas, the Menda filter turned out to be a large asset to Oki Data Americas Inc.”
Part number: 35849
Description: Omega Field Vac
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Thanks to baby Menkin —
Menda was born 60 years ago!

That’s right, In 1946 David Menkin, seeing how frustrated his wife, Paula, was with holding a squirming baby while trying to get baby oil onto a cotton ball, came up with an idea. He took apart a hand lotion pump and attached a small dish to it. He stuck the contraption through the wide mouth lid of a glass jar, and the Menda pump was born. Paula loved it, and soon all of her friends wanted one too.
Menkin turned to his friend, Ben Darling, who helped turn the new dispenser into a mass produced product. Combining the beginning of both their names, they called the new company Menda. The Menda brand name is now synonymous with innovation and quality since 1947. Menda is now famous for its high-performance line of dish type liquid dispenser pumps and bottles. These pumps and bottles
are now widely used in the industrial electronics assembly, clean room, beauty, and medical applications. The Menda brand is recognized around the world as the standard for the finger touch liquid dispensing. People do not ask for a dispensing bottle, they ask for a Menda bottle!
However, Menda is no longer just a dispensing bottle company. In September 2000, Menda became a division of Desco Industries, Inc. (DII), a leading manufacturer of ESD control products Menda product offering now includes the not only the bottles we are famous for, but also specialty tools such as: Circuitracers, Probes, ESD Vacuums, Cable Management, ESD brushes, Lotion and much, much more!

Menda—Always making
any task simpler!

Hot NEW Items!!!

Polyurethane—Coated Nylon Dissipative Gloves

• Low dust and lint sloughing - choice for photo processing,
X-Ray film and many applications

• Non-slip polyurethane, knitted glove is form fitting, coated palm and fingers, ventilation,
minimizing sweat build- up and will not snag

Sizes Available

X-Small 35669
Small 35670
Medium 35671
Large 35672

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How many miles of wire are used for the installation of a large church organ?
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Menda offers something for everyone, from the smallest of repair shops to the largest manufacturing facilities.

A good way to get the conversation started about Menda is as simple as:

...are you responsible for

buying dispensing bottles for the production workbenches?

...are you responsible for buying testing and
calibration equipment for your facility?

...are you responsible for buying brushes used to clean PCB’s?

...are you responsible for buying ESD hand lotion?

These few questions can help both you and your customer to make sure they have all the right tools for their workstations while increasing your Menda sales!

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