June 2007
Volume 1, Issue 2
Menda Success
Menda on every workbench — Why?
Did you know the Menda 35135 Circuitracer help keeps those gorgeous big birds in the air???
Yes, EVERY one of these aircrafts will now have a Menda 35135 Circuitracer on board.
It was great of Lockheed Martin to share this story and provide the above image—Thank you!
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Menda is

comes in direct contact with the sensitive components. They definitely want to make sure there is no voltage on it!

Probes to inspect the circuit board without touching the components.

Yellow dissipative ESD bottles. An excellent method to provide controlled delivery of solvents, cleaners, water or liquid flux remover. These bottles also provide a visual awareness reminder that work area is ESD sensitive.

Conductive Brushes to minimize static charge while cleaning the components and the circuit boards after assembly or repair.
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DurAstatic Tool Box is a great way to store all their tools to keep their workstation well organized.

Every one of your customers has a need for Menda but you maybe asking, “Why”?
This is the easy part… to provide your customers with effective, reliable solutions.
Let’s start by looking at what your customers do in their facilities.
For example, do they work with circuit boards? If yes, let’s imagine that they are sitting at their workbench and getting ready to repair a circuit board. Here are some of the Menda items they can use...
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Question: What is the #1 purchased Menda item (per unit) for Desco Industries. Inc.?
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wire are used for the installation of a large church organ?
ANSWER: 12 Miles
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If your customers want an effective ESD Control Program and brushes are used in their process. . .
They NEED Menda ESD Brushes
Menda brushes minimize static charge generation and dissipate ESD charges to
Soldering Tip Voltage Tester. If your customer is complying to the ESD S20.20 standard, they need to make sure they are testing that their soldering irons are grounded and the tips have no leakage. The soldering tip

ground when they are held by grounded personnel.
They have dissipative polypropylene black handles and are able to remove charges to ground. 10E5 - 10E8 ohms
And the resistance of the conductive fibers is 10E3 - 10E4 ohms

Made in America

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With many manufactur-
ers taking their facili-
ties outside

located in Pasadena CA and later in the 1980’s moved to Santa Barbara, CA where Menda continues to operate today.
The manufacturing process for the pumps is almost identical to the original design over 40 years ago. Menda takes pride in our manufacturing process.

the US, Menda has made the conscious decision to keep their manufacturing facilities here in the United States of America.
In the 1960’s Menda’s manufacturing facility was
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