ESD Safe Drinking Cups
Improved Design
ESD Safe Drinking Cup
Improved Design
Improved Design for better grip
The New and Improved ESD Safe Drinking Cup
• Ideal alternative to replace standard insulative
   drinking bottles or cups on workstations
• ESD protective - Bottom covered with slip
   resistant conductive rubber
   - Stainless steel portion grounded when
     picked up by a grounded operator or when
     placed on a grounded ESD worksurface
   - < 1 second Charge decay ± 1,000 volts to ±
     100 volts tested per IEC 61340-5-1-1998 Test
     method B2
• 16 ounces
• Reusable
• Double wall Stainless Steel
• Stainless Steel push-on lid with slide opening
• Custom imprinting available - Only 100 cup   minimum. Fill out a request here
The New and Improved ESD Safe Drinking Cup
The New and Improved ESD Safe Drinking Cup The New and Improved ESD Safe Drinking Cup
Back view of the Cup
   Item Description Price
   35890 Stainless Steel, 16 oz $19.02
“It should be understood that any object, item, material or person could be a source of static electricity in the work environment. Removal of unnecessary nonconductors, replacing nonconductive materials with dissipative or conductive materials and grounding all conductors are the principle methods of controlling static electricity in the workplace, regardless of the activity.” [ESD Handbook ESD TR20.20-2008 section 2.4 Sources of Static Electricity]
Don’t put your ESD sensitive components in jeopardy with a Styrofoam cup!
Unsafe ESD Workstation
Safe ESD Workstation
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