About MENDA: Innovation and Quality Since 1947

The MENDA brand has been synonymous with innovation and quality since its inception in 1947. Originally renowned for its high-performance "dish type" liquid dispenser pumps and bottles, MENDA's products quickly became essential in a variety of applications, including beauty, industrial electronics assembly, cleanroom, and medical environments. The unique design of MENDA dispensers, which allows for finger-touch dispensing of small amounts of liquid into a top dish, set a new standard worldwide.

When Desco Industries, Inc. acquired MENDA in September 2000, the vision was to transform MENDA into the specialty tools division of the company. This strategic move expanded MENDA’s product line beyond dispenser pumps and bottles. Today, MENDA proudly offers an extensive array of specialty tools engineered to enhance efficiency and reliability at workstations. These tools are crafted to meet industry standards, incorporating the latest advancements in technology to ensure superior performance and safety in electronics manufacturing and maintenance. With the combination of EasyBraid, Beau Tech, and Tronex brands, MENDA continues to uphold its legacy of excellence, offering an even broader range of top-tier tools and solutions to meet the evolving needs of industries worldwide.


MENDA’s mission is to continue delivering high-quality, innovative solutions that meet the evolving needs of professionals in the aerospace, electronics, military, medical, beauty, and jewellery manufacturing industries.

MENDA aims to support professionals in the electronics industry by offering ergonomic and effective solutions, ensuring the highest standards of performance and safety, and providing excellent customer service and value for money.

The History of MENDA


David Menkin invents the first MENDA pump to help his wife dispense baby oil more easily. This invention leads to the creation of the MENDA brand, named after Menkin and his friend Ben Darling who helped commercialize the product.


MENDA is formally established, becoming synonymous with high-quality, innovative liquid dispenser pumps used in various industries including beauty, electronics, cleanroom, and medical applications.


Tronex Technology, Inc. is founded. The company specializes in designing and manufacturing precision hand cutting tools and pliers for industries such as electronics manufacturing, medical device manufacturing, and jewellery making.


EasyBraid is established, focusing on manufacturing supplies and equipment for the PCB assembly industry. Their products, including desoldering braid and stencil rolls, become essential for quality inspection and repair/rework processes.


MENDA is acquired by Desco Industries, Inc., expanding its product line to include a wide range of specialty tools and ESD control products. MENDA becomes a key brand within Desco Industries portfolio, renowned for ergonomic and efficient solutions in electronics assembly.


Desco Industries acquires CVinyl Manufacturing. This acquisition allowed us to expand and offer personnel identification products for ESD control applications.


Desco Industries acquires EasyBraid, integrating its environmentally safe desoldering braid and other PCB assembly supplies under the MENDA brand. This acquisition strengthens DII's commitment to providing comprehensive solutions for quality inspection and repair.


Desco Industries acquires the assets of Tronex Technology Inc. Operations continue under the Tronex brand, leveraging the expertise of highly skilled employees to provide high-quality precision hand tools like cutters and pliers.


Beau Tech a manufacturer of hand tools for electronic component repair and assembly, is acquired by Desco Industries and offered under the MENDA brand. This acquisition further expands MENDA’s product range to include MilProbes, soldering aids, and spudgers.


Desco Industries acquires the product assets of WickGun™ from Xuron Corporation. The WickGun™ desoldering braid dispenser is rebranded and sold under EasyBraid, enhancing Desco's product offerings in the PCB assembly market.

Current Day

MENDA, alongside EasyBraid and Tronex, continues to innovate and expand its product line, offering a complete solution for workstation needs in electronics manufacturing. MENDA remains a global leader in ergonomic and effective tools for the electronics industry, backed by Desco Industries' commitment to quality and innovation.